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Making the Business Case

The nationís employers are responsible for providing health insurance to more than 50 percent (160 million) of Americans through their corporate health benefits plans. Direct and indirect costs related to cancer care have a significant impact on a corporationís annual healthcare expenditure.

Research demonstrates that covering and promoting full compliance with established screening recommendations through employer-sponsored programs can be done at a low cost for employee benefit programs. In fact, the costs of prevention efforts, such as tobacco-cessation programs, and screening (screening is primarily early detection) are typically less than the cost of treating cancer. And, when screening identifies cancer in its earliest stages, the cost of treatment is often much less than if the cancer was identified at an advanced stage. In addition, early detection is more likely to lead to more favorable outcomes for the patient.

During the next few years C-Change will leverage the resources and reach of its member organizations and partners to increase coverage and utilization of cancer prevention and early detection interventions through employee benefit programs. The Making the Business Case for Cancer Prevention & Early Detection initiative uses proven methods to demonstrate the value and ultimate cost-savings associated with prevention and early detection services among public and private employers, human resources directors, benefits managers, CEO, CFOs, benefits consultants, and benefits brokers.

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