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"A New Way to Talk about Prevention"
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Communications Plan

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Research shows that as many as 7 in 10 cancer deaths can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes and that each of us has the power to reduce our risk for cancer. Science indicates that we can greatly decrease the cancer burden on this country by encouraging Americans to eat well, be active, avoid tobacco and get screened. However, the challenge is often finding the right way to communicate these actions in a way that makes us want to change our attitudes and behavior. We must also overcome the clutter and mixed messages so often promoted to the public.

This is why C-Change, in partnership with the Ad Council, has developed a communications program that utilizes the collective strengths of private companies, nonprofits, and government agencies to address Americans with consistent, evidence-based messages about the early detection and prevention of cancer. Through extensive research and multi-sector collaboration, C-Change has developed a series of platforms that have been proven to change the minds and hearts of the public. This initiative encourages all C-Change members and partners to incorporate these messages into their own communications programs and provides tools to help disseminate them to Americans both locally and nationally.

C-Change will measure the impact of this initiative by monitoring changes in the attitudes and behaviors of consumers with a pre and post wave tracking study. The study will identify the key metrics for success and will provide guidance for the program into the next decade. Results from this research will be compiled a report highlighting the achievements made by C-Change and the cancer community in promoting the early detection and prevention of cancer.

By providing a range of organizations with a focused list of proven messages for dissemination in both paid and unpaid media environments, C-Change believes that this effort can achieve the critical media mass necessary to turn the tide on cancer in this country.

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