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C-Change understands the importance of developing evidence based programs and the need to develop communications that have been proven to create change. Which is why C-Change worked with the Ad Council and many of the industry’s top research firms to create this initiative.

The following provides a summary of research that led to the development of the recommended messages. The final messages reflect not only this research, but also the input of C-Change member organizations.

Exploratory Message Research Results

With the assistance of communications professionals from multiple academic, industry, not-for-profit and government sectors, C-Change identified the most pressing and actionable strategic areas around the issue of cancer and developed messages that could address these areas by speaking directly to consumers. The following report provides findings from the testing of these initial messages among various audiences: Exploratory Message Testing (PDF)

Quantitative Message Research Results

Results from the exploratory message research enabled us to modify the consumer-focused messages to make them more effective. With confidence that the messages were aptly tested among consumers and would help to address major strategic areas around the issue of cancer prevention and early detection, C-Change quantitatively tested these messages with the public to validate the exploratory research and gain additional insight into the efficacy of the communications. The following report provides findings from the testing of the revised messages: Quantitative Message Assesment (PDF)

Consumer Attitude & Behavior Tracking Study – Baseline Results

C-Change has fielded a consumer attitudes and behavior tracking study among Americans around the four key communications areas promoted in this initiative to serve as a baseline in our effort measure the effect of this collaborative communications program. This research also sheds light on the areas in which there is the most opportunity to make an impact, as well as gaps in knowledge and behavior. C-Change Tracking Results (PDF)
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