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Featured Initiatives

We are very pleased to share the following featured initiative from Prevent Cancer Foundation with the C-Change membership.

Prevent Cancer Foundation launched its new Colon Cancer PSA, shown below, in February 2008. This PSA effectively incorporates the C-Change communications plan messaging and visual, while preserving the creative concept and organizational style of the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Most importantly, the PSA engages the consumer and uses language proven to be effective when communicating on this subject; and provides a resource where consumers can get more information and take action. This smart and amusing PSA is being distributed via select pharmaceutical company’s physician kits for NCRCAM, through hospitals newsletters and it even ended up on a Lamar Billboard in Albany, NY.

You may also see Prevent Cancer Foundation, President and Founder, Carolyn “Bo” Aldige on the news promoting the C-Change Communications Plan! An enthusiastic supporter of this initiative, Ms. Aldige graciously agreed to participate as a C-Change Communications Plan spokesperson and participated in the taping of footage for news stories announcing the initiative and our web video package, soon to be released.

You can also read all about the C-Change Communications Plan in a Prevent Cancer Foundation newsletter coming out this spring.

We thank the Prevent Cancer Foundation for being a leader in the effort to promote cancer prevention and early detection. For more information on the Prevent Cancer Foundation please visit www.preventcancer.org.

This featured initiatives page will be updated regularly so please check back to learn about how other organizations are getting involved. If your organization is promoting the C-Change cancer prevention and early detection messages please let us know and your organization can be a featured initiative.

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